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Why PR is Good for Your Business

By April 23, 2022July 23rd, 2023No Comments
NAWBO DC - Business Tips - Why PR is Good for Your Business.

NAWBO DC – Business Tips – Why PR is Good for Your Business.

Everybody has a story. And so does every business. Are you taking advantage of the FREE publicity that your story can generate? Many business owners either miss or disregard the opportunity to share their unique story with the world. Here’s why public relations (PR) is good for your business:

It gets people talking. If a journalist finds your story interesting, and publisher thinks it’s good enough to publish, thousands of others will love it too. Think of all the people—and potential clients—you can impact from your own story.

It establishes you as the expert. Getting something in print is a third-party endorsement and elevates your company in the eyes of the reader. Use “As Seen In” in your marketing and on your website to help build credibility.

You can get great marketing mileage. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your media appearance in your marketing. Share it at every opportunity: on your website, social media channels, newsletter, reprints in mailings and invoices, as handouts, in a link from your email signature, etc. Frame the piece and hang it prominently in the office where visitors can see it. Enlarge it for trade shows. Use it as leverage to book interviews and speaking engagements. As you can see, a single article can go a long way.

You can build on it. It’s easier to leverage additional media coverage after your first media appearance. If one media outlet thinks you’re credible, so will others. When your story gets published in one media, pitch the idea to others.

PR methods can range anywhere from press releases of happenings in your business to a feature story pitch to an editor. But…and there’s a big BUT…it has to be timely. Old news is not interesting. So if you have a unique event coming up, or have just won a prestigious award, send a press release. If you have an interesting current, or an engaging back story, pitch the idea to an editor. It’s well worth the effort.

Article submitted by NAWBO member Linda Barrett, a former corporate director of marketing and owner of All the Buzz Creative, offering Clio Award-winning copywriting, marketing and PR services.