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Webinar Recap: Empowering Business Owners Through Public Policy Engagement

By March 26, 2024No Comments

In a recent webinar, Emily Parks, productivity consultant and founder of Organize for Success®, shed light on the crucial distinction between politics and public policy, emphasizing the latter’s direct impact on business operations. Titled “Influencing What Public Policy, Legal Changes, and Related Incentives Will Be Impacting Your Business This Year,” the presentation aimed to demystify the realm of public policy and its significance for business owners.

Key Highlights from Emily’s Presentation:

  • The Importance of Communicating with Elected Officials: Emily highlighted how business owners’ voices are essential in shaping policies that foster a conducive environment for starting, running, and growing businesses.
  • Upcoming Public Policies: Attendees were briefed on impending policies likely to affect their businesses, underscoring the need for awareness and preparedness.
  • Engaging in Advocacy: The webinar provided actionable insights on simple yet effective ways for business owners to engage in advocacy, ensuring their needs and experiences influence community-focused laws and actions.

Emily Parks’ Profile: An award-winning productivity consultant, Emily has been instrumental in helping business owners and teams streamline their operations since 2007. With a vast experience in personalized productivity solutions, she has made significant contributions through speaking engagements, books, and leadership roles in various organizations.

This webinar not only aimed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of public policy but also provided practical tools and resources for leveraging these policies for business growth. Follow Emily Parks on Instagram and LinkedIn for more insights, and stay connected with Organize for Success on Facebook and LinkedIn for future updates and resources.

Note: video of the meeting will be available by April 15, 2024.