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Suman Kapur – Well Balanced Solutions

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As a daughter of Indian immigrant parents, I grew up finding ways to make connections between cultures and generations. As I straddled two different cultures, reconciling my Indian identity at home with my American kid experience at school, I began to realize that, for some, being aware of differences can be alienating. But for me, this awareness was a catalyst to creating bridges and finding common ground. I have brought this spirit of inquiry, education, and connection to my professional life for over 25 years, helping to resolve conflicts, enhance leadership skills, and develop workplaces.

With over two decades of executive-level experience in the legal, mediation and non-profit fields, I created Well Balanced Solutions as a way to share my expertise, strategic thinking, work ethic, and experiences with other entrepreneurs. I have consistently assisted people and organizations achieve their goals through better process management and effective communication amongst teams. I offer two distinct-yet-complementary streams of service: Professional Development and Business Management:

Organizations and team leaders often struggle with ineffective teams that don’t work well together. As an Organizational Communication and Conflict Management Consultant, I have the amazing gift of finding common ground and facilitating important conversations. I help team leaders and team members recognize communication differences, learn how to create solution-based communication language to resolve issues, and provide a safe space to understand communication problems. I also help individuals and teams build confidence in order to transcend these differences and work towards a positive, people-focused, solutions-oriented, thriving work environment.

Business ownership is overwhelming. While being the face of your business, you must also juggle a plethora of administrative requirements and business solutions. As a Virtual Business Management Consultant, I assist in the creation and implementation of your strategic plan, helping you handle critical day-to-day functions and manage projects from start to finish. You get to focus on where you shine, while knowing that the back-end of your business is streamlined and managed by someone with the utmost integrity, work ethic, and professional standards.

My unique combination of business process acumen, remarkable client relationship management skills, resourcefulness, work ethic, and passion for finding common ground have made me indispensable to businesses. Your business success is my mission.

Now for some fun facts: I love chocolate; I’m a city girl at heart; after 25 years of straightening my hair, I went natural and LOVE my curly hair!; I’m a summer-kinda girl – I love the beach; Some artists on my playlist include Beethoven, A.R. Rahman, , Fallout Boys, Afrika Bambaataa, J.Lo, Miles Davis, Beatles, Sugar Hill Gang, Ravi Shankar, Usher, Jodie Watley, Groove Theory, Mary J. Blige, J. Balvin and Bhangra music; I’m a TV junkie – don’t judge J; I love reading just about anything; I’m married to my college sweetheart and we have 2 amazing children.

When & Why I joined NAWBO

I joined NAWBO at the end of May 2020. Since COVID, I have been able to participate in the virtual national networking events and other webinars. I have made amazing connections with women who are open to connecting and sharing ideas; and wanted to continue to be a part of this group of welcoming and amazing women.