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NAWBO represents over 12.3 million women entrepreneurs that employ 9+ million workers and contribute over $1.7 Trillion to the U.S. Economy.

And yet only 2% of Venture Capital (“VC”) funding has gone to female entrepreneurs. Most female entrepreneurs and business owners have had to be smarter and more strategic about growing their businesses — without capital funding.

In spite of this, women-led startups and businesses are thriving. Studies show they have better return on equity and better operating results. And according to BCG, the numbers are even more positive when diversity and BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) are factored in.

An investment in NAWBO is an investment in women business leaders. Be on the right side of this issue.

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Why support or partner with NAWBO DC?

Women own 42% of all businesses worldwide.

Women of color account for 50% of all women business owners.

NAWBO members have owned their businesses for an average of 10 years.

20% of NAWBO Members have businesses that generate more than $1 million in annual revenue.

16% of NAWBO members employ more than 11 employees

25% percent of NAWBO members have businesses that generate more than $1 million in annual revenue.

16% of NAWBO members employ more than 11 employees.

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Everybody Welcomed Me with Open Arms and I Felt Right at Home

When I first joined the NAWBO Greater DC Board, everybody welcomed me with open arms, and I felt right at home. The Board gave me the opportunity to connect on a more personal level with some amazing women and learn skills that I use daily in my career. Without being involved, I would have never known as much as I know now about this great organization and all of the wonderful events it has to offer. Being a Board member made me realize the need NAWBO has for volunteers and membership. It is the hard work, dedication, passion, energy and experience of our members that enhances the programs NAWBO offers and keeps the organization going. If you would like to meet creative minds that fire you up, and care about making women voices heard in the business community, join us!

Gosia J. Bochenek
Cochran Allan