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Rochelle Dallons – Yield Bookkeeping Services

By May 10, 2021No Comments

Type of Business

Bookkeeping services for small businesses

Company Description

Yield Bookkeeping Services is a woman owned, award winning full service bookkeeping firm that serves small to mid size businesses nationwide. We can be your small business accounting department! We empower our clients with the financial knowledge they need to grow and succeed while saving them time and providing peace of mind. We have years of experience with QuickBooks among many other platforms and are QuickBooks Pro-Advisors. We love mom and pop shops, small businesses looking to start up, Government contractors, Non – Profits and all industries in between. We pride ourselves on being responsive and attentive to our clients by assigning ONE account manager for each client! Give us a call or email us for a free consultation and quote. Accurate, Affordable and Reliable – you can COUNT on us!

When & Why I joined NAWBO

Joined Jan 1 2021 because I’m a woman business owner and proud of it! Would like to network with other women and become more involved in a community of like minded people.

When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

By spending it with my husband, kids and labradoodles, Hazel and Holly.

What is your favorite knock-knock joke?

Knock Knock….who is there…..the interrupting cow…the interrupting “interject MOOOO” cow.

What is one superpower you’d choose to have?

Id like to clone myself so that I can get more work done.

Your favorite quote is:

Never let your fear decide your fate

Name a person (living or dead) who inspires you. Why

Lately the person that is inspiring me is Amanda Gorman. She is the poet that spoke at Bidens inauguration and inspired me to rise above, be strong and remain positive and kind.

What sound do you love?

My kids laughing

What’s your most used phrase?

Im not sure that I have one and if I do its probably not appropriate for this spotlight LOL