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Robyn Craig – M&T Bank

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Robyn Craig

M&T Bank
M&T Bank

Type of Business

Financial Services

Company Description

M&T was founded in 1856 as “Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company” by two Gentlemen on the way back from NYC to Buffalo, NY. They were unable to get a business loan and decided to start a community bank dedicated to helping the businesses in their community. Although we have grown into a regional Bank we still focus on helping the local business community. As the Manager of the Reston Business Banking Center I am able to maintain that focus. My clients know that I take the time to understand their business and how I can help. Even those who are not my clients call me when they cannot get a response from their bank. Business owners know that I care about them personally and professionally and that is why I am able to make such great connections and help clients. I will be your trusted advisor on all banking, lending , investment and insurance needs.

When & Why I joined NAWBO

I love working with and helping people and businesses in my community find solutions for their banking and lending needs. I also love connecting women to other women who can then help each other grow their business. I also knew some of the NAWBO members and, through those connections, knew it would be a great organization to be a part of. Women helping Women. I’ve been in banking for 20+ years and while it may sometimes be true “it’s who you know,” what matters more is what you do. NAWBO gives me the opportunity to do what I do best, help people and connect women.