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Lisa Anderson – Anavo Transformation Solutions

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Lisa Anderson, CPA

Type of Business

Financial Management & Organizational Development Firm

Company Description

According to the US Small Business Administration, there are approximately 30 million small businesses in the United States. However, only 20% have employees and only 9% earn $1 million in annual revenues or more. Yet our independent polls of the small business owners we’ve served revealed a strong desire to scale their businesses beyond themselves, increase earnings, and build a valuable asset. At Anavo Transformation Solutions, we are passionate about changing these statistics. Our mission is to foster economic growth for the small, minority and women owned business communities with the vision to help a million achieve millions.

Through strategic advisory, financial management, compliance support and executive coaching, we educate our clients about the financial conditions of their businesses, giving them the insight necessary to increase revenue, build capacity, protect equity, scale opportunities, obtain adequate financing, improve pricing and drive business to be profitable, scalable and sustainable. The level of education, advisory and insight provided to our customers and the frequency in which it is received are the things which have made us stand out from the crowd. Serving businesses in the US and abroad, we work with consultants, professional service based companies and federal government contractors.

At Anavo Transformation Solutions we believe there is more to business than tax, revenue and marketing. Home of the PULSE Profit Method, we follow a holistic approach to helping companies grow from the inside out. Our proprietary process helps small businesses get beyond their plateaus and positions them to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. We walk our clients through the process of increasing profit, improving cashflow, building capacity, building sustainability and obtaining a return on investment. As a result, our clients have realized 400% growth within twelve months, been awarded multi-million dollar contracts, passed complex government audits, and built businesses positioned to sell at a premium.

Our focus is to help CEOs and business leaders build an empire that feeds their purpose, fuels their passion and gives them the power to build legacies!

Anavo Transformation Solutions is an award winning organizational development firm lead by Lisa Anderson who is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Government Contracts Expert, and former Adjunct Business Instructor. Lisa has spent her entire career and is passionate about improving and increasing the success of small businesses. As a small business owner for over two decades, she knows the challenges of making it into the 9% club of business owners who have surpassed the million dollar mark and uses her experiences to teach other small business owners how to do the same. In her book, Beyond The Plateau: Five Simple Steps To Scale Your Way To A Million Dollar Business, she reveals the steps companies must take to scale their way to legacy.

When & Why I joined NAWBO

I joined NAWBO in the fall of 2019 following my graduation from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. However, it had been on my strategic roadmap to join and affiliate with NAWBO for quite some time as one of our primary focus areas is serving and supporting the profitable scale of women owned professional services firms. Our objective is to help women business owners build sustainable legacies and increase and improve their success statistics.