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Generational Marketing: How to Engage with Different Generations

By August 23, 2022July 23rd, 2023No Comments
NAWBODC Business Tips Generational Marketing How to Engage with Different Generations

NAWBODC Business Tips Generational Marketing How to Engage with Different Generations

One type of marketing does not work for all people. Neither does one type of engagement. To reach your target prospects or work with people of various age groups, you have to look at the differences in what marketing author Bob Bly describes as Generational Marketing.

Mature: Home ownership is important. They are disengaged with technology for the most part, their car was an important purchase, they had their jobs for life, prefer to be contacted by mail and like to communicate in person.

Boomer (born 1945-1960): Job security is important. They were the first generation to embrace technology, picked their career by employer, and watch TV. Their signature technology is the telephone, and they prefer to communicate in person, or by phone or email.

GenX (born 1961-1980): A work/life balance is important. They are digital immigrants and are loyal to their profession and not their employer. Their signature technology is computers, and they prefer to be contacted by, and communicate best via, email or text.

GenY (born 1981-1995): Freedom and flexibility are important. They are digital natives, prefer to work “with” an organization rather than “for” it, tablets and smartphones are signature technologies, text and social media are their mediums, and they prefer to communicate either online or via text.

Gen Z (born after 1995): Security and stability are important. They are dependent upon their technologies, are career multitaskers, and signature technologies include Google Glass, nanocomputing and 3D printing. Their media choices are handheld or wearable devices, and they prefer to communicate through Facetime.

Communication is key when forming business relationships, and knowing how each generation functions can be important to your marketing efforts and your bottom line.

–Robert W. Bly specializes in business-to-business, digital and direct marketing and is the author of 100 books. Generational Marketing descriptions excerpted from The Copywriter’s Handbook, 4th Edition.

Article submitted by NAWBO member Linda Barrett, owner of All the Buzz Creative, offering Clio Award-winning copywriting, marketing and PR services.