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Escalate Your Business by Writing a Book

By September 18, 2023No Comments
NAWBO DC - Business Tips - Escalate Your Business by Writing a Book

NAWBO DC – Business Tips – Escalate Your Business by Writing a Book

As a business owner, you’ve spent years developing your skills and expertise. Now may be the time to share that expertise in a high-impact book that can establish you as an expert, communicate your message, boost your credibility, help attract new clients, and create an income stream. Want to know where to start? Try these steps as outlined by publishing mentor John Eggen.

  1. Connect with your inspiration. Why do you want to write this book?
  2. Work backwards from the end; envision the results you want to achieve before you write.
  3. Identify your ideal reader or niche.
  4. Select the optimal topic based on your target market’s biggest challenges and aspirations. Why would they want to hire you?
  5. Decide how you will make money through your book: i.e., book sales, selling services, or using the book to create multiple revenue streams.
  6. Create a hot title and subtitle using this formula: Feature + Benefit + Advantage = Title + Subtitle. (Eggen notes that cute titles rarely sell well on non-fiction books.)
  7. Write a quick outline. For example, list 10 FAQs and 10 points of distinction and turn those into individual chapters.
  8. Write the book.
  9. Add marketing components including the title, subtitle, testimonials, back cover copy, author bio, and cover and spine colors and design.

Other Benefits to Writing a Book

An article in Entrepreneur encourages writing a book to gain these benefits:

  • Establish credibility and expertise
  • A PR opportunity to get media coverage
  • A mailing list sign-up incentive or free giveaway
  • Multiple revenue streams with spin-off products, workbooks, seminars, training, speaking opportunities, etc.
  • Increased visibility and demand in your industry

Eggen claims you can even market your book even before it’s published. Tell people you’re writing a book and raise your rates, offer advance sales, and use the book as leverage to book speaking engagements. And if you don’t consider yourself a “good writer,” hire a ghostwriter or use a professional editor to hone your draft.

If writing a book is on your “to-do list,” don’t let the thought of it overwhelm you. Break the process down into simple steps and chip away at it every day. Before you know it, your book will be ready to go.

Article submitted by NAWBO member Linda Barrett, owner of All the Buzz Creative, offering Clio Award-winning copywriting, marketing and PR services.