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Dana Hutson – Cancer Champions

By December 28, 2021No Comments

Dana Hutson

Cancer Champions

Type of Business

Private Patient Advocacy/Cancer Consulting

Company Description

1 in 3 people in the US will be directly or indirectly affected by a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

When you or a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, you immediately begin battling the physical and emotional stress of a challenging disease.

You must also process overwhelming amounts of information to include cancer treatment options all while dealing with a complex and unfamiliar healthcare system. This unfamiliarity can cause feelings of fear, uncertainty and dread—all of which are distractions from your focus on getting well.

In 2015, cancer came to my family. Throughout that intense period of our personal cancer journey I frequently thought, how do people without some knowledge of the medical maze manage all of this?

It was then that I realized I wanted to utilize all that I had learned during my 25-year career in the healthcare industry to help people facing this disruptive diagnosis.

Cancer Champions was founded to provide compassionate clarity and guidance throughout your cancer journey. My goal is to help you understand your disease, your treatment options and the resources available to you in order to ease your fear and uncertainty and empower you to make healthcare decisions with confidence.

If you or someone you know is facing the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis and you don’t know how to help, consider gifting them with 90 minute clarity call and invite them to visit

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