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Cate Fulkerson – Points North Strategies LLC

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Cate Fulkerson

Points North Strategies LLC
Points North Strategies LLC

Type of Business

Management Consultant

Company Description

Your Organization’s GPS – Providing comprehensive strategic planning and leadership development services to navigate organizations in directions that improve performance.
– Over 28 years of experience in establishing concise and effective governance polices and processes for boards and committees.
– Effective facilitator of strategy sessions to obtain desired and actionable outcomes, enabling all voices to be heard and perspectives captured.
– Experienced at navigating corporate board planning meetings and retreats that deliver achievable action plans.
– Expert at evaluating organizational performance and ability to achieve planning goals and objectives.
– Skilled at assessing organizational operations and identifying restructuring opportunities to improve governance operations.
– Understands the importance of establishing written processes that are explicit, concise, and not onerous to implement.
– Passionate about providing comprehensive strategic planning services that meet a client’s mission and vision.

When & Why I joined NAWBO

I joined NAWBO in December 2018. In the spring of 2018, I was invited to a chapter lunch and learn program by a business colleague and friend who was on the board and a sponsor of the local chapter. I just started my business and was looking for networking opportunities. I received much more during that luncheon. I found a phenomenal cadre of women who supported and celebrated each other in business and personally. All welcomed me and treated me like a long-lost friend. That is meaningful and immensely powerful. My choice to join came after one more lunch and learn program; where, my interest continued to grow as I learned about the advocacy effort and successes of this non-profit for women in business. This is a smart, powerful, and strong organization that any woman in business should join.