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Amy Shelton
Clasp Marketing

By October 28, 2022December 6th, 2022No Comments

Amy Shelton

Type of Business

Strategic messaging and marketing consulting.


Company Description

Your work changes lives. So why is it so hard to get prospective clients to make that first call or book an appointment?

You see where other businesses use Google ads to fill their schedules. So you tried it. You quickly found your ads only generated costs instead of new leads. After that, you tried sending a series of emails or running a social media campaign. You probably had a few inquiries from those, but nothing close to what you had hoped for.

It’s incredibly frustrating to have your marketing fall flat, especially when so many people need your services.

If you want better marketing results, start by improving your messaging.

I use my 30 years of communications expertise to help small business owners powerfully and profitably recruit more of their ideal clients.

When & why I joined NAWBO

I joined NAWBO in April 2022 as an investment in myself and my business. Running your own business feels like a never-ending roller coaster ride. I wanted to learn how to weather the lows and have a community who celebrated the highs with me. I’ve found help with both in NAWBO DC.

There are a lot of networking groups out there, but NAWBO stood out from the rest because everyone here was so welcoming and supportive.

When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

I can’t believe I’m admitting to it to my peers, but I’m hooked on playing Pokemon Go.

What is your favorite knock-knock joke?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

(Seriously. I laugh at it every time. I even think of it every time someone says “orange.”)

What is one superpower you’d choose to have?

I’d love to have the ability to switch people’s toxic self-criticism into self-compassion.

Your favorite quote is:

“If we decide to keep going beyond the point where our minds or eyes are of any use, we might reach the Pinnacle of our spiritual journey with God, which can only be found in dazzling darkness.” By Barbara Taylor Brown in Learning to Walk in the Dark