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The 5 Biggest CRM Mistakes Coaches and Consultants Make

By November 21, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

I work with coaches and consultants* to implement their sales and marketing strategies using my company’s offering of an all-in-one CRM solution. This provides me with numerous insights into what really works—or doesn’t work. That’s why I can tell you the 5 biggest CRM mistakes I see coaches and consultants make.

Mistake #1: Marketing that doesn’t align with the current business model

This occurs when clients focus their time and money building marketing campaigns that don’t align with where their revenue really comes from.

Solution: Determine your true revenue streams on a regular basis. Update your ideal client avatar and ensure your marketing strategy aligns with your current ideal client.

Mistake #2: Launching a “low-cost” membership

An average client mailing list has about 1,000 people. It’s not small, but it’s certainly not huge. When you sell a low-cost membership, and need to sell 100 or 1,000 memberships to make it profitable, it’s a loser. Your audience size does not support that strategy since your cost of obtaining and maintaining a low-cost membership is the same for a $40/month membership as it is for a $400/month one.

Solution: Be realistic about your ability to sign up clients into a membership. The big influencers have huge audiences, which makes it realistic to sign up 1,000 or more people. Eliminate “low-cost” from your service offerings. Your newsletter is your no-cost service.

Mistake #3: Launching a program or product without promoting it

A client can spent a great deal of time designing an awesome program or offer, along with a great sales page and copy, following “If I build it, they will come” launch method. The result—CRICKETS!

Solution: You need to educate your audience about your program or offer and communicate its value through promotion. It can take a minimum of 3-8 weeks of education, sharing and allowing people to marinate on the topic for them to take action.

Mistake #4: Overcomplicating your business systems

There are three ways business systems can be overcomplicated:

  1.       Too much tech being used
  2.       Organically built over time
  3.       Incorporating a bunch of marketing and sales strategies

Solution: The first two ways are part of your business’ evolution. Conducting a periodic audit of your systems will resolve these. For the third overcomplication, don’t chase a bunch of different strategies; you will create systems too complicated for your customers to navigate.

Mistake #5: Not continuing to grow and refresh your mailing list

Many coaches and consultants fall into this trap once they experience success. They get busy and growing their list doesn’t seem like the most important thing.

Solution: A mailing list isn’t about how large it is. It is about maintaining an ENGAGED audience. When you need your mailing list to work for you, you’ll wish you had continued to grow and nurture it. By continual refreshing, your promotions will be heard by your newer subscribers, and you will maintain a healthy conversion rate.

*The coaches and consultants I work with have been in business a minimum of two years, with a sustainable practice.

About the Author

Mary Sue Dahill is an Automation Expert, and owner of Work Smarter Digital. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs eliminate the overload from marketing gimmicks and technology that creates work and doesn’t convert. She offers an all-in-one CRM solution and teaches her boutique methods to clients, taking them from scrambling from clients to a pipeline filled with higher-paying clients.