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2023: SEO and Business Predictions

By January 23, 2023July 23rd, 2023No Comments
2023: SEO and Business Predictions -

2023: SEO and Business Predictions –

Are you wondering what’s in store for the digital world, specifically with SEO and content this year, and how businesses will compete? Look at some of our big predictions for what will happen in 2023…

The Enduring Power of Content

First of all, we see companies investing more in actual human content on the web. Google’s algorithms are changing and promoting more organic copywriting, and there are very few ways to emulate that without actually hiring good talent. Activity on other channels is also falling away, (see the eventual demise of Meta’s traffic, for one) and that makes content more of a premium now. We see companies hiring more freelancers to rep their cause on the world wide web – because a well-placed piece of content can do a salesperson’s job at a small fraction of the cost.

Multimedia Site Production

Here’s another big trend happening all over the web – companies are integrating more photos and video, and they are integrating them more properly into the site. That means better tagging, better embedding, and more of those slideshows and sophisticated things from which users can get more they surf the web. Again, we see hiring going on in this area. Maybe AI can help, but humans will still be in the driver’s seat.

Web3, they say, is coming, and this might be part of the transition. We’ve already seen technologies like CCS redefine what it looks like to style sites, and self-service platforms help people to change their strategies up. More of this will undoubtedly happen as we approach a Web 3.0 functional or semantic web.

Organic Pages

As Google’s smart algorithms look at how people are actually using the web, they’ll look at things like bounce rate and page views, to get a better picture of what’s actually happening. This is going to reward companies that are investing in organic content, and penalize those that are just turning out useless content on the web. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past, and companies need to get with the program.

Prediction and Forecasting

There’s also much more that new technologies can do to help business owners to fine-tune their web footprints. To stay in the game, business owners need to invest now for the future of the web.

Article submitted by NAWBO member Jenny Le, Owner of, Specializing in Web Design & Development and Digital Marketing.